What role do charisma and discourse play in populist movements

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The mainstream media can play an important role in blocking populist growth; in a country like Germany, the mainstream media is for instant resolutely anti-populist, opposing populist groups whether left or right.

Different leaders are produced in a different span of time and place, dictated by different situations and circumstances. Leaders produce change and create future viabilities for their people and their nations. The western style egalitarian democratic process is one of the worst inventions ever to inflict mankind.

Democracy is a populist enterprise. It has an amazing propensity to dredge up the worst kind of. A thin-centred ideology that considers society to be ultimately separated into two homogenous and antagonistic camps, "the pure people" versus "the corrupt elite," and which argues that politics should be an expression of the volonté générale (general will) of the people.

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In recent years, Islam has increasingly become the subject of public debate and discourse in the Western World as well as a core research topic in various disciplines in the social sciences.

What role do charisma and discourse play in populist movements
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