What is raid

Standard RAID levels

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Standard RAID levels

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RAID - redundant array of independent disks

During early bootup, the Essay is implemented by the firmware and, once the different system has been more completely loaded, the arguments take over control. This is a RAID card. It does RAID levels 0,1,5,6,10,50,60 as well as RAID spans 10, 50, I bought this for RAID 6, as it's the cheapest LSI quality one for this price as far as I know.

You need to authenticate via the connector. Click 'Next' to redirect to the connector now. Word History: Raid and road both descend from the Old English word rād, which meant primarily "the act of riding" but could also be used specifically to describe an act of riding with hostile intent—that is, a raid.

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What is raid
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