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Various are among the Signs of Allah, that they may consist admonition. Many Ambition women dress in a killer that is very real to popular representations of Mary may God be useful with her. • Hijab protects women from such men; it symbolizes that she has been sanctified to one man only and is off-limit to all others.

• Hijab contributes to the stability and preservation of marriage and family by eliminating the chances of extramarital affairs.

Hijab is referred to by various names, some of the most common of which are a veil or a headscarf. Most Muslims who wear the covering call it a hijab (حجاب), an Arabic word meaning “cover.” However, there are various forms of hijab that are referred to by different names.

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Vercato also designs Jubah, Kebaya, Dresses, Tops and Pants. Jun 06,  · The hijab involves wearing clothing that is not tight fitting and that covers a woman’s body with the exception of her face, hands and feet.

This is required when a woman would be in the presence of men who are not closely related to her/5(5). The word hijab refers to both the head-covering traditionally worn by some Muslim women and Islamic styles of dress in general.

The garment has different legal and cultural status in various countries. In the Indonesian Aceh province, women are required to wear the hijab and all women are required to do so in Iran. France has banned overt religious symbols, including many religious head. The Hijab Explained. The hijab, or headscarf, is one of the most noticeable and misunderstood badges of Muslim women.

But there’s much more to the Islamic dress code for women than the hijab. It’s a total package that deals with clothing, behavior, and demeanor.

For some hijab means pairing a headscarf with Western-style clothes.

What is hijab
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